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About Lore Van Keer

Lore Van Keer is a Belgian jewellery label with over a decade of experience in hand-crafted creative expression. Our designs stand out through architectural flow, abstract volumes and contemporary refined luxury with a timeless twist. Pairing up contrasts while welcoming outspoken lines, Lore Van Keer manages to harness surprise within elegance, quality within experimentation. Building on the DNA of traditional jewellery, each piece is also a technically refined creation made from responsibly sourced 925 sterling silver or 18-carat gold and gemstones. A team of highly skilled goldsmiths manufactures every jewel with time-honoured techniques and clear-cut vision in our ateliers in Belgium.

Each Lore Van Keer design is a building block to showcase and amplify its wearer’s personality. Balancing power with fragility, timeless inspiration with contemporary lines and off-kilter twists, Lore Van Keer welcomes contrast and celebrates the abstract. A tribute to the kaleidoscope of people she dreams up her designs for. With every Lore Van Keer piece, you’re placing an intention come to life on your body. That’s how Lore Van Keer jewellery unites people from all walks of life, in every chapter of their lives.